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In the middle of this delightful countryside stands Gl. Rye Kro (The Old Rye Inn), neighbour to old monastery ruins, holy springs once a destination for pilgrims, and other memories of bygone greatness. And above this monastery setting rises the tower of St. Søren's at Rye - a campanile, standing separate from the body of the church at its east end.

The history of the inn goes back over 400 years, and the restoration of the inn has been thoughtfully planned and carefully carried out in such a way that the inn can offer´real comfort while retaining the atmosphere of bygone days. The inn can offer its guests new rooms equipped with every modern comfort and convenience, attractive sitting rooms, a sitting room with colour TV and video, and 2 restaurants with a wide selection of appetizing dishes. Gl. Rye Kro (The Old Rye Inn) is worth a visit at any time of year, with its pleasant village setting and beautiful surrounding countryside, with plenty of walks and excursions, and good fishing.

Gl. Rye was a place of importance in the spiritual life of Denmark in the Middle Ages because of its holy springs - the best known of which was St. Søren's Spring (Sct. Sørens Kilde), to which learned and laymand, prelate and peasant, knight and knave travelled from all over Jutland. A lot of people still come to Gl. Rye today - but for other reasons. Many tourists visit Gl. Rye to see the relics of the culture of far-off days, and to enjoy the scenery, of which "Himmelbjerget", with its view over the lakes, is such a fine example.

Ryesgade 8, Gl Rye
8680 RY
Tlf: 86 89 80 42
Reg: 88 96 62 28
E-mail: aa@glryekro.dk
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