Gl. Rye Kro (The Old Rye Inn) is worth a visit at any time of year, with its pleasant village setting and beautiful surrounding countryside, with plenty of walks and excursions, and good fishing. Many tourists visit Gl. Rye to see the relics of the culture of far-off days, and to enjoy the scenery, of which "Himmelbjerget", with its view over the lakes, is such a fine example.


Boat harbour
In the middle of Ry lies the boat harbour. Here the liners are ready to take you to e.g. Himmelbjerget. There is also opportunity for renting a canoe for an hour or two. Gudenåen and the many other beautiful lakes give you great opportunity for canoeing.

Mossø, which is the biggest lake in Jot land, lies south of Ry. The lake and its surroundings are preserved and remained in the present conditions. The area is homeport for birds and fish and there are also opportunity for biking and hiking on the paths in the forest and along the lake.

Øm kloster (monastery)
Øm kloster is placed between Mossø and Gudensø. Visitors can experience one of Denmark's most popular middle-aged monasteries and see the many objects and skeletons from the great archaeological excavations.

Gl. Rye mill and wooden shoe museum
At Gl. Rye mill you find, among other things, an amazing view over the preserved hills covered with heather. Visitors can attend an exhibition about wooden shoe production and about the airfield and refugee camp that were placed on Ry heath during Second World War. From the mill there are hiking paths to Galgebakken, Skovsbjerg and Klostermølle, which are vantage points.


Freshwater museum
At the boat harbour in Ry lies the Freshwater museum. Here you can see aquaria, exhibition cases and wall sheets about how animals in the area have adjusted to the freshwater. There is focus on freshwater as larder, transport opportunity and working place.



Only 3 kilometers from Gl. Rye kro lies Himmelbjerg golf club in the middle of Denmark's most beautiful nature. Himmelbjerg golf club has one of the newest lanes in the country and is definitely worth a try.

Skanderborg Golfklub
Hylkemøllevej 2, Skanderborg

Silkeborg Golfklub
Snesommervej 15c, Resenbro
8602 Silkeborg

Himmelbjerg Golf Club
Bakbjergvej 7
8653 Them

Ryesgade 8, Gl Rye
8680 RY
Tlf: 86 89 80 42
Reg: 88 96 62 28
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